"you choose your favourite character because they remind you of yourself"


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Game of Thrones Modern AU
Time Magazine Edition #1

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30 days of who

05. favorite ship ⇾ river/eleven

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gif meme ➝ touch 

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Had a dream the other night that I met alicexz and I hugged her and started crying because her art literally makes me feel things I didn’t know I could feel. She is so amazing. I even got the 11th doctor (based off of the roar in our stars) as a tattoo. You amaze me.

98/100 pictures of Michael Fassbender.

98/100 pictures of Michael Fassbender.

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This is my story of meeting Austin Carlile. I was at the signing at Tilly’s for NeffxAustin Carlile on 12/14/13. I waited in line with one of my friends and our new friends we met in line. It was finally out turn after waiting in line for a couple of hours. I went up to Austin and my heart was racing. Austin asked me how I was and I said I was good! Then I scooted him the light saber I got him and he instantly lit up and said, “IS THAT A LIGHT SABER?! Thank you!” And I smiled and laughed, and said yes. “Does it work?” And he plays with it to see if it works. “Yeah! It works!” He smiles as he puts it away. Then I gave him my notebook full of notes and drawings to him. c: And he was saying “Awww… Thank you so much.” Then he asked me for my name and I said Gabby. He told me that I had a nice name and signed my poster. :) Then I showed him my wrist. I had 26 days clean written on my wrist, and I showed it to him. He read it and then nodded. “Good.” then he pulled me in for a hug and hugged me while he told me this, “Do you think you do 26 more? You think you can do that for me?” and I nodded. He patted me on the back and said “I think you can do it… I KNOW you can. Okay?” I walked away sobbing and people were asking me if I’m okay. I am now 257 days clean now because of him.

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The sarcastic fringehead (Neoclinus blanchardi) is a footlong fish that lives off the Pacific coast of North America. When unthreatened, the fringehead’s visage is fairly unremarkable. But if a marine predator attempts to dislodge a fringehead from its crevasse, the fish will race into action, brandishing its frightening Predator-like mouth at the interloper.

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Go home, Evolution. You’re drunk.

I beg to differ! Evolution, you’re AWESOME!

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